Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaws upgraded: Higher performance, less real estate

An upgrade to 8% cobalt cutting edge and compact new packaging have enhanced Sutton Tools’ Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaw products. Product Manager Peter Craven explains the benefits for trade suppliers, DIY retailers and their customers.

We’ve been working over recent months to significantly upgrade our two Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaw product ranges. This also includes a change of colour for one and change of name for both ranges. But the best news for tradies and weekend warriors is that we’ve upgraded the material used for the cutting edge for enhanced performance – and the big new advantage for retailers is an innovative packaging redesign!


The cutting edges of both our ranges of Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaws are now being manufactured using M42 – a material which contains 8% cobalt. Professional tradesmen, especially, will be aware that this level of cobalt will strengthen the teeth, which translates into higher performance and longer wear.

The Viper range has been replaced by the Cobalt range in distinctive new graphics, now white instead of light blue. The premium industrial holesaw range is remaining the darker Sutton Tools blue, but is changing its name to Ultra. Another difference is that we are now sourcing Ultra Bi-Metal Holesaws of 20mm diameter and over in the new 8% cobalt material from Germany instead of Taiwan.


We decided to completely rethink the packaging of our Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaw ranges and called in an industry-leading design company ironically named Cobalt Design. This globally renowned Melbourne-based team designed packaging that reduced the ‘real estate’ taken up by the product displays, encapsulating it in a translucent case. Clear, bold labelling means that customers and store staff can quickly locate the right product in the right size. The new packaging of the Cobalt range can also be used by customers to store their holesaws.

Trade and DIY retailers will find the new format much easier to store, handle and display. To support them, we’ve also developed new suggested planogram stock layouts. (Remember, stores using planograms to design their layout have seen a 25% lift in sales plus a gross margin return on the space being used more effectively!)

All up, we believe you and your customers will love the higher performance, more compact stock layout and innovative packaging of our Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaw ranges.

For more information talk to your Sutton Tools Account Manager about transitioning to new stocks of our Bi-Metal Cobalt ranges.

About the Author

Peter Craven
Peter Craven is Sutton Tools’ Product Manager for a range of development projects. Peter has over 25 years’ experience in the hardware industry in merchandise management roles