Tough Jobs Made Easy

Oomph is made for those tough spots, stains and messes. It works everywhere from the garage, to walls, clothes,the craft room, to the bathroom and more.

Oomph has developed a range of cleaners which are amongst the most versatile and toughest on the market.

Our Goo & Stain remover has over 101 uses and can be used for just about anything from chewing gum on the pavement or nail varnish on the carpet through removing stains from your laundry.

Oomph Powerful Degreaser is the only product you need to cut through grease and grime around your home. The industrial strength formula powers through the toughest cleaning jobs – your BBQ, stove, appliances, stainless steel, car engine, workshop, outdoor furniture, clothing and more! Plus it is non-caustic, biodegradable and contains no harsh solvents.

Oomphs range of toilet products are designed so that they are tough on germs as well as stains.

The most recent additions to the Oomph range is the Disinfectant Aerosol with odour eliminating technology which quickly eliminates household odours, not by simply masking them, but by neutralising them.

Click below to see a demonstration on how Oomph tackles the toughest stains

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