You’ll never be lost in space with Bondhus!

Having just celebrated a century of Sutton Tools, we’re also proud to be the Australian distributor of Bondhus whose founder invented the ball-end style of hex key tools. Peter Craven explains why the company is renowned as the world’s leading provider of trade quality hex tools.

Bondhus Corporation manufactures its Ball, Hex and TORX® tools just over the street from the mighty Mississippi River in Minnesota, USA. The company was founded by John Bondhus to manufacture the original ‘Balldriver’ ball end hex tool which he’d invented and production began in 1964. Over 50 years later, it is recognised as the leader in this category of tools.

Bondhus excels by offering not only the best quality products, but also the widest range in both handle and tip configurations. Bondhus tool purchasers are typically professional tool or experienced DIY users who expect the highest quality products and customer support – along with a full lifetime warranty.

Reliability Anywhere

Bondhus tools turn up everywhere! They can be found in tool boxes on every continent and in over 80 countries from Brazil to Sweden to Japan. Machinists and automotive repair shops find them indispensable. Printing press operators use them in Singapore, South Dakota and Saudi Arabia – as do dentists and the makers of artificial limbs. Bicycle repair kits everywhere contain some version of our tools. Jazz, rock and pop musicians who play guitars also use Bondhus tools.

When NASA needed a special hand tool for a critical repair mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS), they knew who could help. The custom tool developed by Bondhus employees in conjunction with NASA engineers was successfully used to complete the in-orbit repair of the station’s Volatile Organic Analyzer (VOA).

The ISS astronauts discovered what millions of professional tool users around the world already know: Bondhus tools work in even the most difficult circumstances. Whether in space, on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean or in a mine in the middle of a desert, the tools they use must be able to work the first time and every time – because there’s no time to go back for a replacement.

Raising the Bar

Bondhus manufactures tools to the tightest tolerances in industry which means they fit better, work better and last longer. Fastener heads exhibit less wear and stripping and breaking is reduced. Each tool is carefully matched with the right handle for consistent torque capacity and pitched at the optimal working angle.

Bondhus doesn’t rest on its laurels, but is continually innovating new products. Its patented Protanium® Steel is a proprietary blend providing at least 18% more torque – resulting in a longer wearing steel that resists breaking and shattering. Its environment-safe ProGuard™ Dry Surface Technology (DST) coating offers five times more protection from rust and corrosion.

As an example, the Bondhus range of GorillaGrip® fold-up utility and multi-tool sets uses both Protanium® and ProGuard™, combined with a patented handle design that’s even stronger than steel!

Bondhus in Australia

As a longstanding and leading tool manufacturer itself, Sutton Tools has distributed Bondhus tools in Australia since February 2017. Over that time we’ve seen growing interest in the range from local hardware and tool retailers, as well as automotive and industrial resellers.

One reason that Bondhus tools are trusted the world over is their reliability of performance in a wide range of conditions, but also their lifetime warranty – a guarantee Sutton Tools has taken on locally. Australian retailers can pass on to their customers the promise that if a Bondhus tool breaks or fails to meet their expectation in any way, it will be replaced free of charge.

Watch a video explaining how Bondhus ball end tips are designed to be the best on the market and download the Bondhus tools catalogue here.