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Portable and lightweight, the Oxypower Blow Torch Kit is the welding and brazing system designed to go wherever you need it. Powered by disposable fuel and oxygen cartridges, it’s suitable for a range of applications including; welding, metal cutting, brazing, silver soldering and heating. Supplied with a tough metal carry case for easy transport and storage, this kit is the ideal choice for tradesman on the move, as well as those who require a portable workshop size system.

*Fuel not included

Kit includes:
Metal carry case / cartridge holder
Torch handle and lance with regulator valves
Oxygen pressure regulator with HP gauge indicating contents, M10 female fitting
Fuel pressure regulator with LP gauge indicating pressure, BOM female fitting
Flash back arrestors (regulator end and torch handle)
2m twin hose set (oxygen and fuel)
Welding goggles (only to be used with gas welding – do not use with electric welding)
Ignition Striker
Two lance tips (40 L/hr, 70 L/h)

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