Tradeflame has been supplying heating tools to professional and DIY users for over 40 years.

The Tradeflame range continues to work with the latest innovations in gas tools.

From general purpose handyman kits to pinpoint burners for the trade specialist, there’s a Tradeflame gas tool to fit every heating and welding application.

From butane powered soldering kits for the home hobbyist right through to our TF/ULTRA GAS™ powered blow torch kits for the professional tradesperson, there’s a Tradeflame kit that’s right for you.

With three different fuel types to choose from, our kits are designed to ensure you get the right power and performance for your job. The flexibility of these kits is endless – from a simple heat solution through to soldering, brazing and welding where knowledge of metals and temperatures is required.

Click below to view a demonstration of the TradeFlame Turbo blow Torch Kit

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