When you buy our New Zealand made Jobber Drills, Reduced Shank Drills and Taper Shank Drills you are not only supporting an iconic Kiwi manufacturer you are getting great quality cutting tools.

Although we import and distribute a wide range of drills for New Zealand industry it is the manufactured products from our Kaiapoi factory that we are most proud of. The Sutton & Evacut brands are the market leaders in New Zealand and Australia and are well known throughout the world. Our local brands are represented in a diverse range of markets including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Fiji, Samoa, New Caledonia & Papua New Guinea.

We also manufacture custom products and ranges for other companies and have surface coating and re-sharpening services available in the Australian plant.

In true Kiwi style, we don’t just make drill bits but the production machinery too. Our Engineering team has added a whole new dimension to our business by designing and building state of the art machines to make these quality products.

We care about New Zealand’s environment, so we designed and built oil recovery presses that allow us to recycle tens of thousands of litres of oil every year and send the remaining HSS to be processed and used again.

The production machines and oil presses are sold globally.

Engineering and Production teams are well-trained and strive to constantly improve our quality, systems and our overall performance. All divisions of the Sutton Tools group fully embrace the concepts of lean manufacturing and constant improvement.

Our Board and CEO are committed to retaining our New Zealand manufacturing base and in recent years have made a significant investment in plant and equipment.

Manufacturing in New Zealand is an important contributor to our economy in many ways; through export earnings, skills training, employment opportunities, community support and local sourcing of the wide range of goods and services required to produce, package and sell our products.

We appreciate your support; you can be proud to say that you support “NZ Made” and can rest assured that we are delivering you a great quality product.